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8B Nurat Bakare Estate Agungi Lekki Phas

Our Solar Solutions

With our efficient power solution we provide an alternative means of power that saves cost and enable business and homes run.Save More With Solar - Doing better for you. The energy industry in Nigeria is ruled by fossil fuels, pricing trickery and poor customer service. We're set to disrupt the status quo with energy that is good for the planet and even better for your wallet.

Solar Home System

We provide homes and business with an easy and affordable energy option that is both pocket friendly and environmentally safe.

Commercial Solar Application

Whether you're the worlds biggest financial institution or a small retail company, we'll supply your business with constant and reliable power design.

Installment Solar Financing

We see solar energy as an investment; that is why we strengthen our service offering with flexible payments methods, to enable you to plan long- term with risk tolerance and financial goals.

Energy Optimization and Designs

We have an outstanding team of well-trained and motivated engineers with decades of professional experience in research, design, and installation of solar systems.


3 Months Post Installation
Clean and safe
Easy, Reliable and Convenient
Battery Guarantee
Up to 24hours of Power

N.B A solution could be customized to meet your specification and power need.


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there customer service was very okay. i love the property so much it was exactly what i wanted to get. Thanks a lot

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