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Health & Safety

Health,Safety,Security and Environment

At WEFEX we apply HSSE policies to all levels of operations and services. We take safety of our personnel, equipment and environment as the number one priority all our operations. These four areas are of paramount importance to us as well as the adherence to our HSSE guidelines by all personnel from the management level downwards We have and also implemented an HSEMS (Health, Safety and environment Management System) which defines the principles by which our operations are conducted and also how risks are being controlled. There are several global researches on how to balance environmental protection with operations and we are not behind on this as well. We have put in place structures to monitor our operations and also give feedback on measures and instrument of improvement. We partner locally with the environmental protection agency to ensure full compliance to environmental laws.

Health & Safety

Some basic HSE aspects

Assess health, safety and environmental matters before entering into new activities and reassess them in case of significant change in circumstances

Recognize the concerns of shareholders, employees and society on health, safety and environmental matters.

Develop and maintain contingency procedures, in cooperation with authorities and emergency services, in order to minimize harm from any accidents