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Rotating Equipments

Rotating Machinery

We carry out maintenance on rotating equipment to ensure little or no down time. We use effective tools to achieve high efficiency in our maintenance. Some of the techniques used are:

Condition monitoring techniques; it consists of measuring equipment parameters that indicate failure. This can help to spot divergence from the usual patterns on time to prevent a breakdown, save on reactive maintenance, and extend asset's lifespan.

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Common Monitoring Techniques


Laser Shaft Alignment

Lube oil Analysis

Static Equipment

Machinery Maintenance

We are experts in carrying out maintenance on static equipment. We ensure that equipment are serviced to the best standards as obtained in the industry. Our team of technicians and engineers ensure quality delivery of services.

We carry out valve maintenance, calibration of and certification of valves such as; ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, globe and gate valves.

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Calibration of valves

Civil /Structural Engineering

Drainage Works

Concrete Works

Structural Works

Residential Structure

civil/structural engineering with machinery